IMG_20140322_104759Hello fellow Vixens.

My name is Dee and welcome to The Brown Bombshell. I’ve had a long standing love of all things vintage and a recent love of crafting. When I finally took a leap and decided to immerse myself in the vintage lifestyle I was a little out of my element but determined to go for it.

I discovered that there are very few women out there that look like and face the same challenges I do. Stubborn to my very core I decided that the way things are simply wouldn’t do and thus The Brown Bombshell was created.

I’ve been sewing for less than six months and knitting even less but my goal is to not purchase another article of clothing and share my homemade clothing and experiences with you. I hope to inspire anyone who seems to live life slightly left of center. This is for those who tell themselves they’ll “do it” once they have more experience or when they finally have that one signature piece that will make everything come together.

I invite you to follow me on this journey and hopefully there’s more swimming than sinking. Thanks for stopping by.


The Brown Bombshell”